Automatic pressure calibrating and controlling device AGK

Automatic pressure generation, control and high-precision measurement for all stages of production and testing of pressure transducers (sensors) and pressure gauges. Verification and calibration in automatic and semi-automatic modes of excess and absolute pressure measuring instruments such as pressure calibrators, sensors, reference and technical pressure gauges of accuracy classes 0.02 and lower in the range of 0… 100 MPa.

– Automatic pressure generation and control in the range from 0 to 100 MPa.

From one to three built-in reference pressure sensors. The possibility of easy replacement of sensors and completing with sensors for different measurement ranges and accuracy classes. An optional built-in barometric sensor for monitoring and measuring gauge and absolute pressure values.

Accuracy classes: from 0.01 to 0.1.

Instability of automatic pressure – control: ±0.005%.

Control is carried out from a touchscreen multifunctional monitor or remotely via a PC (USB interface).

An open protocol and a standard set of commands for the possibility of writing an individual control software.

The instrument is not sensitive to contaminations.

The low noise level allows to install the instrument directly at a metrologist's workplace.

A compact design, versions for desktop installation and 19" rack mounting.

The operating environments are oils, water and other non-aggressive fluids.

Power supply: from a single-phase 220V/50 Hz. Power consumption: less than 2 kW. No pneumatic air supplies are required.

Automatic pressure calibrating and controlling device AGK

Automatic pressure calibrating and controlling device AGK

Automatic pressure calibrating and controlling device in a 19″ rack

Basic characteristics

Automatic pressure generation range, MPa0…100
Pressure measuring ranges
absolute pressure, MPafrom 0,1…1,7 to 0,1…100,1
positive excessive pressure, MPafrom 0…1,6 to 0…100
atmospheric pressure, kPa80…110
Accuracy classes 0,01; 0,015; 0,02; 0,025; 0,05; 0,1
Improved accuracy options±0,01% Rdg¹ in the range of
50…100% FS²
±0,005% FS the range of
0…50% FS
±(0,005% Rdg + 0,005% FS)
Operating environmentoil, water
Power requirements
220 V/50 Hz

¹ Rdg — Readings
² FS — Full Scale


Datasheet PDF 1,330 MB User manual PDF 5,510 MB
  • 1. Electronic unit with selected number and operating ranges of built-in reference sensors
  • 2. Power unit
  • 3. Kit of connection fittings and hoses
  • 1. Additional reference pressure sensors
  • 2. Rack-mounted version 19"
  • 3. Fully organized workplace according to the terms of reference
Control unit
  • length612 mm
    width446 mm
    height235 mm
Power unit
  • length833 mm
    width279 mm
    height540 mm
Packed device