Automated hydraulic calibrating system   «GSKA»

Additional basement and deadweight tester can be connected → for exhibiting purposes

Automated high pressure generation for laboratory needs: large-scale calibrating measuring instruments, control valves calibrating, leakage and strength tests of various equipment.

High-speed system pre-filling in combination with high accuracy pressure control.

Advanced features for application within the systems of various purposes and in-stand integration capability.

No need for pneumatic air supply, portable design, low noise level and energy consumption, integrated overload protection system.

Standard scope GSKA: control panel, joystick, 4-connections manifold and power supply unit

Basic characteristics

Fluid displacement rate
pre-filling0,02…2 cm³/с
adjustment5…500 mm³/с
Pressure generating range0…60 MPa
Working medium
oil, water
Bowl capacity
0,5 l
Power consumption
400 W
control panel14 kg
power supply unit50 kg


Datasheet PDF 0,455 MB User manual PDF 0,965 MB
Control panel
  • length483 mm
    width267 mm
    height200 mm
Manifold 4
  • length760 mm
    width130 mm
    height208 mm
Power supply unit
  • length1050 mm
    width253 mm
    height256 mm
  • 1. control panel
  • 2. power supply unit
  • 3. joystick
  • 4. 4-connections manifold
  • 5. connecting piping and cables kit
  • 6. user manual
  • 1. 3-5-connections manifold for connecting units under test