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Electro-pneumatic pressure booster «K-450»

High pressure generation by means of air or nitrogen. This pressure may be used for to measuring instruments (pressure controllers…) and various actuators feeding, equipment leak and strength tests.

In contrast with available analogues, this device does not require constant air consumption and pneumatic air supply to the actuator.

High rate of pressure generation with precise set.

Absence of greasing materials within the structure provides for dry and clean compressed air at the output.

Built-in vibration dampening system and low noise level (lower than 45 dB).

Automatic protection against overpressure.

Electro-pneumatic pressure booster

The booster presents a gas compression system fed by external source and is comprised of the power unit ↑ and the control panel.

Main characteristics

Input pressure, MPa0,7
Output pressure, MPa45
Power consumption, kW0,8
Supply mains voltage, V220
Booster weight, kg110
Working mediumair, nitrogen


Datasheet PDF 1,175 MB User Manual PDF 0,555 MB
  • length1200 mm
    width480 mm
    height360 mm
  • 1. power unit
  • 2. control panel
  • 3. connection cable for control panel
  • 4. network cable
  • 5. user manual
  • 1. input and/or output filter to get output gas of required degree of cleanliness;
  • 2. low-noise laboratory compressor «K-9» with connecting tube to feed EPU-40;
  • 3. high-pressure output tube, fittings (please specify length and fitting dimensions)