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Portable calibration complex «PPKD»

Field calibration of measuring instruments.

Fully-contained portable working station for calibration of manometers, vacuummeters, and combined pressure-and-vacuum gauge within the range from 0.1 to 60 MPa.

May be transported in fully-filled state and quick setup for operation after transportation.

High accuracy class: 0.06; 0.1; 0.15; 0.25 depending on manometers constituting PPKD.

No power supply is required for operation.

Low weight and small sizes of the complex.

Переносной поверочный комплекс ППКД

Standard package options

Main characteristics

Pressure generation range, MPa
Q-ty of units under test, pc
Glass volume, ml
Weight, kg
Working medium
water, oil, air
  • 1. Small-scale hydro-pneumatic press PGM.
  • 2. Three reference multirange digital manometers DM5002M-A-ZhKI with battery supply.
  • 3. Set of fittings for connection with instruments to be calibrated with the following threads sizes:
  • М20×1,5 M12×1,5
    1 pc 1 pc 1 pc 1 pc
  • 4. Extended set of spare parts and tools.
  • 5. Compact impact-resistance case with high degree of enclosure protection IP67.


Datasheet PDF 3,027 MB User manual PDF 0,455 MB
  • length325 mm
    width210 mm
    height265 mm
    weight13 kg   
  • length515 mm
    width415 mm
    height200 mm
    weight13 kg   
Advantages of DM5002M-A-ZhKI in comparison with pointer-type reference manometers
  • Multirange: every digital manometer DM5002M-A-ZhKI has several switch-selectable measurement sub-ranges with accuracy classes preserved at any sub-range. Due to this feature, one DM5002M-A-ZhKI manometer may be used instead of four pointer-type reference manometers.
  • Units selection option: MPa, kgf/cm², third unit is optional (possible options: psi, mm Hg, etc.).
  • High accuracy class: 0.25; 0.15; 0.1, and 0.06.
Standard package of PPKD supply includes three digital manometers DM5002M-A-ZhK:
limit, MPa
sub-ranges, MPa