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Electronic statoscope

Is designed for joint work with deadweight testers

Is designed for pistons equilibrium position determination during deadweight testers calibration.

May be used for calibration of piston-cylinder assemblies of any model and manufacturer, with any height of weight hanger, any piston stroke, and any design.

Main characteristics

Piston stroke measurement range, mm0…15
Resolution, mm0,01
Maximum permissible basic error, mm

Electronic statoscope is installed at pressure generator (PG) basement: each laser sensor shall be installed beneath weight hanger. Display may be placed directly on the basement with pressure generator or on the table
  • 1. Electronic statoscope with mounting parts
  • 2. User manual
  • 1. Special mounting parts for different models of deadweight testers


Datasheet PDF 0,422 MB User manual PDF 0,566 MB
  • length155 mm
    width85 mm
    height85 mm
  • length158 mm
    width50 mm
    height93 mm
Packing device
  • length555 mm
    width400 mm
    height260 mm
    volume57,72 dm³
    weight13,5 kg