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Tire pressure gauges calibrating unit «UPMSH»

Calibrating tire pressure gauges in range from 0.04 to 0.9 MPa.

Low noise level enables utilizing the unit in laboratories.

Measurement panel equipped with a nipple for mounting reference manometer, car valve and flexible hose for various installation positions.

Basic characteristics

Operating pressure, MPa0,04…0,9
Weight, kg43
Working mediumair
Supply voltage, V220
Power consumption, W800
Receiver tank capacity, l20

  • 1. low-noise laboratory compressor with pressure regulator (on-floor version)
  • 2. o-rings kit
  • 3. measurement panel with flexible hose (on-floor version)
  • Equipping UPMSH with digital standard manometers DM5002M-A allows using it as a standard instrument for manometers calibrating.
  • length680 mm
    width390 mm
    height550 mm
  • length800 mm
    width500 mm
    height650 mm
    volume260 dm³
    weight55 / 62 kg


Datasheet PDF 0 MB