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Manifold KL

Designed for operating in combination with GUSK, MP, MGP and GSKA devices

Intended to provide additional connections for installation of units under test.

Operating pressure range −0.1…100 MPa.

Stable design do not require fixing to table.

Custom dimensions and configurations are available.

Basic characteristics

Pressure range, MPa0,1…100
Units under test
possible connection manifold KL-1, KL-2, KL-3, KL-42…6
Weight, kg depending on the number of seats3…6

Collectors can be connected to each other
  • 1. phase separator
  • 2. threaded fittings kit for connecting units under test
  • М20×1,5 M12×1,5
    1 pcs 2 pcs 1 pcs 1 pcs
  • 3. o-rings kit
  • 4. spare parts kit
  • 5. user manual
  • 1. filters for units under test
  • 2. fittings with special threads


User manual PDF 0,190 MB
Manifold 2
  • length335 mm
    width130 mm
    height208 mm
Manifold 3
  • length570 mm
    width130 mm
    height208 mm
Manifold 4
  • length760 mm
    width130 mm
    height208 mm