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Pressure balance calculator

Application helps to determine corrected pressure value in pressure balance system with maximum accuracy, and easily select weights

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Comparison calibrating
hydraulic device
«Comparison calibrating hydraulic device«GUSK»»
hydraulic-pneumatic press
«Small-sized hydraulic-pneumatic pressPGM»
Comparison calibrating
pneumatic device
«Comparison calibrating pneumatic devicePUSK»
Absolute and gauge-pressure
«Absolute and gauge-pressure balancesMPA»
Pressure balance
«Pressure balanceMP»
High pressure generating devices
«High pressure generating devicesUSD»
Gas pressure balance
«Gas pressure balanceMGP»
Differential pressure balances
«Differential pressure balancesMP-D-100»
Automated pneumatic calibrating system
«Automated pneumatic calibrating systemPSKA»
Automated hydraulic calibrating system
«ГСКА гидралическая система калибровки автоматизированнаяGSKA»
Low-noise laboratory compressor
«Low-noise laboratory compressorK»
Electro-pneumatic pressure amplifier
«Electro-pneumatic pressure amplifier K-450»
Portable calibration complex
«Portable calibration complexPPKD»
Metrological stands with automated creating pressure
Metrological stands with automated creating pressure
Electronic stethoscopeElectronic stethoscope
Drive for piston-cylinder unitsDrive for piston-cylinder units
Hydraulic diaphragmless
and pneumatic-hydraulic
phase separators
«Разделители сред РГБ РПГRGB и RPG»
Additional basement
«Additional basementSD»

Engineering and assembly of calibrating equipment for gauges, manometers and other measuring instruments, comprehensive solutions for measuring instruments calibrating. Delivery of measuring instruments from Chelyabinsk across Russia and to the CIS Countries via freight company.

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