Small-sized hydraulic-pneumatic press   «PGM»

Can be mounted on a table, tube or guarding using screw clamp

Generating of test pressure and underpressure for calibrating measuring instruments in the field and in laboratory conditions.

Compact design suitable for field applications. Much lower weight as compared to analogues (4.8 kg).

Convenient and easy mounting both in stationary position (on table) and in the field conditions (on pipe, guarding).

Working medium diversity: oil, water, alcohol, air. Leak-tight bowl for working fluid enables transportation in filled and ready-to-operation condition.

Basic characteristics

Pressure generating range, MPa
Units under test
Cylinder capacity, cm³
Bowl capacity, ml
Weight, kg
Working medium
water, oil, air


Datasheet PDF 1,095 MB User manual PDF 0,475 MB
  • length330 mm
    width365 mm
    height280 mm
    radius wheel370 mm
PGM with standard manometers DM5002M-A

Equipping PGM with digital standard manometers DM5002M-A allows using it as a standard instrument for manometers calibrating.

Advantages over pointer manometers
  • Multi-range feature: each digital manometer DM5002M-A features several switchable measurement sub-ranges with assuring the same accuracy class in each sub-range. Due to this feature one manometer DM5002M-A can replace four pointer reference manometers.
  • Switching between different units of measurement: MPa, kgf/cm², one more — optional: psi, mm Hg, etc.
  • High accuracy class: 0.25; 0.15; 0.1 и 0.06.
The most commonly utilized instrumentation for PGM includes three digital manometers ДМ5002М-А of accuracy class 0.1 and upper measurement limit 100, 16, 2.5 MPa
limit, MPa
of measurement, MPa

This set allows calibrating most types of popular manometers: with measurement range from 0.6 MPa (6 kgf/cm²) to 100 MPa (1000 kgf/cm²) and accuracy class 0.4 and lower.

  • 1. basement with pressure generator
  • 2. threaded adapters
  • 3. o-rings
  • 4. passport
  • 1. standard manometers
  • 2. storage and transportation case
  • 3. fittings with special threads for connecting units under test