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Manometric granite table SGM-700

Installation of piston gauges or other equipment requiring high rigidity of the structure, as well as a flat and smooth surface for operation.

Specially designed system for fixing the table top with damping without the use of rubber spacers to ensure the required rigidity under heavy load created by the piston gauges.

A table top made of solid polished gabbro-diabase granite possessing high strength characteristics, resistance to abrasion and mechanical impacts.

Rigid frame with high-strength coating.

The structure of the frame allows to use the space under the table for storing a set of weights.

Adjustable supports, allowing the table to be installed strictly horizontally, compensating for uneven floors.

Basic characteristics

Table top operating area
polished granitegranite
Maximum permissible load, kg
Height of the table assembly (with the lower supports unscrewed by 10 mm, and the upper ones by 5 mm), mm
Table assembly weight, kg, max100
Table top weight, kg, max80
Стол гранитный манометрический СГМ-700 Стол гранитный манометрический СГМ-700

Стол гранитный манометрический СГМ-700

Manometric granite with deadweight tester (not included in the package)
  • 1. Granite slab complete with mounting elements of the system for fastening to the frame
  • 2. Table frame
  • 3. Set of lower and upper supports
  • 1. Dimensions of the table top and the frame undere special order


Users manual PDF 0,199 MB Datasheet PDF 0,635 MB
  • length700 mm
    width600 mm
    height600 mm