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Deadweight tester basics
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Comparison pump
«Comparison calibrating hydraulic deviceGUSK»
hydraulic-pneumatic pump
«Small-sized hydraulic-pneumatic pressPGM»
Comparison pump
«Comparison calibrating pneumatic devicePUSK»
Absolute and
gauge-pressure deadweight tester
«Absolute and gauge-pressure deadweight testersMPA»
Deadweight tester
«Deadweight testerMP»
High pressure comparison pump
«High pressure generating devicesUSD»
Gas deadweight tester
«Gas Deadweight testerMGP»
Differential deadweight testers
«Differential Deadweight testersMP-D-100»
Deadweight tester
with integrated media separator
«Deadweight tester with integrated media separatorMP-VRS»
Automated pneumatic calibrating system
«Automated pneumatic calibrating systemPSKA»
Automated hydraulic calibrating system
«Automated hydraulic calibrating system GSKAGSKA»
Low-noise laboratory compressor
«Low-noise laboratory compressorK»
Electro-pneumatic pressure amplifier
«Electro-pneumatic pressure amplifier K-450»
Portable calibration complex
«Portable calibration complexPPKD»
Manometric granite table
«Manometric granite table SGM-700SGM-700»
Hydraulic diaphragmless
and pneumatic-hydraulic
phase separators
«Разделители сред РГБ РПГRGB и RPG»
Additional basement
«Additional basementSD»

Engineering and assembly of calibrating equipment for gauges, manometers and other measuring instruments, comprehensive solutions for measuring instruments calibrating. Delivery of measuring instruments from Chelyabinsk across Russia and to the other Countries via freight company.

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