CtrlStatoscope ManifoldCtrl

Electrical motor drive for piston-cylinder assemblies

Designed for deadweight testers MP-6…MP-600 and MGP-0.2…MGP-100

They are intended for rotation of piston of piston-cylinder assemblies of deadweight testers MP and MGP produced by Alfapascal.

PCA life time increase due to piston damage (that was possible because of asymmetric loads induced at manual rotation) risks elimination and no impact force acting on the piston during rotation.

Smooth rotation start and stop.

Main characteristics

Speed of rotation, at least, rpm30
Supply mains voltage, V
Supply mains frequency, Hz
Power consumption, no more than, W

  • 1. Drive
  • 2. Control unit
  • 3. Spare parts kit
  • 4. User manual
  • 1. Special components


Datasheet PDF 1,72 MB User manual PDF 0,189 MB
  • length200 mm
    width300 mm
    height75 mm
  • length555 mm
    width400 mm
    height260 mm
    volume57,72 dm³
    weight13,5 kg