CtrlGSKA K-25Ctrl

Automated pneumatic calibrating system «PSKA»

Vacuum pump not included into standard scope of supply is required for vacuum generation

The device is designed for large-scale calibrating gauge pressure measuring instruments: pressure transducers, reference and other manometers. Calibrating pressure measuring instruments operated in dirty environments.

Automated generation of test pressure — pressure increasing and decreasing control via high-precision valves.

Four connections for pressure transducers. The device is equipped with the built-in system for fluids and contaminations removal from units under test.

Basic characteristics

Pressure generating range, MPa0,095…2,5
Units under test3
Weight, kg17
Working mediumair


Datasheet PDF 0,238 МБ User manual PDF 0,370 МБ
  • length800 mm
    width250 mm
    height230 mm
  • length680 mm
    width390 mm
    height550 mm
  • length860 mm
    width280 mm
    height310 mm
    volume74,6 dm³
    weight17,5 kg
  • length800 mm
    width500 mm
    height650 mm
    volume260 dm³
    weight55 / 62 kg
  • 1. desktop control panel
  • 2. compressed air supply system up to 2,5 MPa
  • 3. threaded fittings kit for connecting units under test:
  • М20×1,5 M12×1,5
    4 pcs 3 pcs 3 pcs 3 pcs
  • 4. o-rings kit
  • 5. spare parts kit
  • 6. user manual
  • 1. desktop vacuum generating system
  • 2. fittings with special threads
  • 3. standard manometers